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Pipe Relining FAQs – Pipe Relining Sydney Questions and Answers –

Q -What is pipe relining exactly?

A – Pipe relining FAQs: Pipe relining is now a modern way of repairing all types of plumbing pipes hassle free and without mess. Most importantly, it involves the use of up to date technologies that involves using CCTV to find the problem. Accordingly, a world renown epoxy resin is then placed in the damaged section of pipe. Brawoliner is a German manufacturer of the equipment used. Therefore, being the preferred method used by professionals.

Q -What is Brawoliner Technology?

A – Essentially, Brawoliner is a German manufacturer and the world leader in pipe lining rehabilitation. The well-researched material used to repair plumbing pipes has a duration of 50 years. Meaning, that this technology once installed is designed to be permanent. Please see our explainer video on “what is pipe relining”

Q -What is No Digging Pipe Relining or Trenchless Pipe Relining Exactly?

A – Pipe relining FAQs: In the past, old fashioned plumbing methods involved identifying the issues. Generally, a process of digging up properties to fix the plumbing pipe issues wholly. Nowadays, Brawoliner technology has allowed plumbing professionals to repair issues with NO DIGGING. Excitingly, this means less expense and less stress for residents alike. Occasionally, a very small hole is required to begin the process. However, this is easily fixed and left the way it was found.

Q -How Long Does Pipe Relining Last?

A -Generally, modern-day pipe relining is designed to be enduring and long lasting. In essence, a permanent fixture in your plumbing system. ACE Pipe Relining offer a 50-year installation guarantee along with Brawoliner technology lasting for 50 years, AWESOME VALUE. Q –What Pipes Can Be Repaired? A -Generally, our modern rehabilitate any underground plumbing pipe. There are many causes to why pipes have issues. This can be simply from age or from foreign objects. Commonly, tree roots are the cause of plumbing pipe issues in Sydney. Foundationally, we fix small pipes all the way up to complex sewer systems. Contact us today for any type of underground plumbing pipe relining Sydney issue.

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