What is Pipe Relining?


What is Pipe Relining Exactly?

Essentially, modern pipe relining or pipe rehabilitation is the process of fixing broken or blocked pipes with minimal fuss or mess. In the past, if you had an issue with a blocked drain, blocked pipe, leaking pipe, or issues with sewer systems. It could be an expensive and messy process finding a solution.

To illustrate, if a pipe is cracked, flexible tubing is inserted into the pipe. Additionally, a special epoxy resin is packed against the damaged area. Subsequently, when the resin dry’s in 3-4 hours. Magically, the pipe is ready for use.

For that reason, if a plumbing pipe issue was to arise nowadays this situation can be rectified easily. Nowadays, modern technology has made it possible to find solutions quickly. Specifically, a company in Germany called Bawoliner developed technology that was a complete game-changer.

Short History of Fixing Blocked Pipes or Leaking Pipes

As mentioned, in the past, fixing a broken pipe or blocked drain could be messy. Basically, a plumber would have to dig a series of holes on a property. To find the piece of pipe causing the issue. Essentially, you would need to pay for hours of labour and be left with a very messy yard.

Effectively, the German manufacturer Bawoliner released equipment and technology. That made it easy for plumbing professionals to fix these issues with ease. Therefore, saving property owners huge amounts of money and headaches. That is to say, Brawoliner technology is available worldwide for use.

Likewise, if you are needing the services of pipe relining company to give you solutions to plumbing pipe issues. Simply, look for the Brawoliner logo on the website.

What do I do If I have a Blocked or Broken Pipe?

Simply, you need to contact a professional plumbing company. Specifically, it’s better to reach out to a company that focuses on pipe relining. This way you are not going have anything go wrong and you will most likely get a good price.  

Simultaneously, it’s a good idea to check out the Google My Business or Facebook reviews. Mainly, to see what other people’s experience has been when engaging with the company. In essence, you are looking for approachable, friendly service along with experience. In addition, check to see if the company is using Bawoliner technology. This is a very good way to gauge who you are dealing with.

Lastly, ask the plumbing experts if they are using the Brawoliner system to fix plumbing pipe related issues. We strongly advise to use a company who employs this system.

What is the General Process When Pipe Modern Relining in Applied?

Afterwards, once you have found a company you are comfortable with. You can enquire as to what the process will entail. Firstly, a small hole is dug to get access to the plumbing pipes. Secondly, to make room for a high-tech camera to be inserted into the plumbing pipe to find the issue.

In essence, this process is very much like keyhole surgery or an arthroscopy. Commonly, arthroscopies, are given to football players with knee injuries. Basically, instead of making a large incision. A very small incision is made, and a camera is inserted to find the cause of the injury.

In addition, modern heart surgery uses a similar method to view the conditions of patients. In fact, cameras are used in a wide range of techniques in the medical industry.

What is the Exact Process for Fixing Blocked Pipes and Broken Pipes?

As mentioned, a very small hole should be dug to enter the plumbing system. Secondly, a CCTV camera is inserted into the plumbing pipe. This will determine the cause of the plumbing issue. For example, is it simply blockage or has the pipe been damaged? This is the point where you pipe relining expert can inform you of what is going on.

Generally, high-pressure water is blown down the pipe to remove any debris for your pipes. Sometimes, this will fix the issue and we can all go about our day. However, there may be damage to the pipe such as holes and cracks.

For example, if the pipe is cracked due to tree roots growing. Then, you will definitely be needing to blow the pipe out clean. Of things like branches, leaves, stones and other things that cause pipes to become blocked.

How Does Modern Pipe Relining Fix a Cracked Pipe?

Furthermore, if it is discovered your piping has a crack in the system. Meaning, this should be fixed quickly for many reasons. Therefore, the pipe relining expert should engage in the pipe fixing process.

That is to say, flexible tubing is placed into the piping until it reaches the area in question. Along with a special epoxy resin that is packed against the crack or hole using a plumbing balloon.

In general, the epoxy resin will take around 3-4 hours to harden. To clarify, your plumbing system should then be in working order. However, please check with the individual company you have contracted.

What Problems Can Broken Pipes or Leaking Pipes Cause?

Fundamentally, having a broken or blocked plumbing can lead to many more problems on a property. For example, if you have a toilet that is not flushing this can be extremely unhygienic. Effectively, you are living with an open sewer and being exposed to an array of bacteria, viruses, and disease potential.

In addition, to health risks involved with broken or leaking plumbing pipes. In some cases, these problems can lead to more expensive problems down the track. Critically, if you have a blocked or leaking plumbing pipe, we advise you to fix it as soon as you can.

For instance, a leaking pipe can lead to an unnecessary water bill. For example, in Australia water bills are not cheap if you go over your quota. In addition, many other countries are the same in this day and age when in comes to water consumption.

Don’t Ignore Leaking Pipes There Can Be Consequences.

As a fact, should you not blow off leaking plumbing pipes for very long. Generally, they will make a mess of your whole house. Inadequate water quality can lead to stained and weathered walls. Importantly, leaking water will lead to invasive mould. In addition, water is one of the leading factors for attracting termites. Furthermore, dampness in subfloors in many cases will cause mould issues.

If you find a stained or weathered wall in your house, it is probably from leaky pipes. This harm, unattended, can diminish the value of your house, costing you considerably later on when you’re planning to market it. Needing to replace a wall as well as the plumbing pipes behind it could be expensive also.

Leaking Pipes Cause Mould Issues

Furthermore, the extra moisture from your house may result in mould growth. Generally, mould generally grows in toilets, but it could also be located under any sink and supporting walls. Consequently, Mould from leaking pipes causes severe health issues and have to be addressed immediately. The longer it’s dismissed the worse the damage is going to be, costing you more.

The worst thing that may happen with unaddressed escapes is, clearly, flooding. Subsequently It may be timely and costly to correct water damage from a flood.

In general, when flooding in a home occurs you are going get damage to carpets. Meaning you are going to require a carpet cleaning expert or a water damaged carpet expert to fix the issue. Again, wet carpets lead to mould issues.

Reasons You Pipes May Be Leaking

Foundation changes – For example, small or slight changes in your house’s foundation. Will make huge alterations on your water lines Therefore, making them disconnect or rupture.

Additionally, when water circulates throughout your plumbing at high rates. Thus, raises the danger of your plumbing bursting. Essentially, the abrupt adjustments to the management of water flow. Could be too much for the plumbing to endure, finally causing leaks.

Corrosion – Consequently, although maybe not as large of an issue in a number of Australia’s newer properties. Many older houses in Australia utilize aluminium or galvanized steel piping, which is vulnerable to rust. Therefore, rust will cause leaks and lead to other issues.

Temperature affects – Extreme fluctuations in temperature (normally from chilly weather) can cause pipes to crack and start leaking. For example, many cities in Australia experience extreme temperatures. Australian summers can be very hot, and some regions become extremely cold. Thus, putting pressure on plumbing pipes.

Tree roots – In some cases, tiny cracks in plumbing pipes may release water into the surrounding land. Therefore, tree roots will find the water and float their way to the plumbing pipes, causing larger issues.

Most Importantly, you should know tree roots in Australia are one of the major causes of broken plumbing. Truthfully, Australia is home to some of the largest trees in the world. For example, the Sydney Gum Tree has extremely powerful roots. Therefore, these trees will seek out a food source.

Meaning, they have been known to break terracotta plumbing pipes and other piping to get what they need. Commonly, property owners face challenges from tree roots on a daily basis. Whenever, we believe we have issues with blocked and leaking pipes. Commonly, tree roots are causing the issues in question.

How to Contact a Pipe Relining Professional?

In general, you can simply Google or search for a reputable company online. In addition, you can look on Facebook and Instagram. Many companies these days have profiles of which you can use to reach out.

However, if you are a resident of Sydney Australia. Contact ACE Pipe Relining Sydney for excellent prices and service. Call 1300 661 612 today and we can help you quickly.

We hope the article has been useful in understanding Pipe Relining today.


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